Downtown Rochester Shopping


Downtown you will find small locally owned boutique stores, while big box retailers and covered shopping malls are just a few miles away! Somerset Mall is considered one of the premier malls in the country.

Real Estate Investment Opportunities Rochester Michigan


Rochester was first occupied in 1817 and continues to be one of the most in-demand areas in all of Michigan. Year after year, Rochester ranks as one of the top cities – both in Michigan and the United States.

O'Conners Public House Dining Rochester Michigan


From casual and upscale restaurants to the local brewery to an original 1950’s diner – downtown Rochester has a place for everyone. Many chain restaurants also are just a few miles away.

Businesses For Sale Rochester Michigan


Owning a business can be a lot of work, but it is also one of the most rewarding things you can do – both financially and emotionally! There are numerous opportunities… All Around Rochester!


There are 20 parks in Rochester alone. 18 more Oakland County parks within a short drive. Still need more? Michigan itself has 103 state parks and recreation areas covering 306,000 acres!

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All Around Rochester has partnered with many great local businesses to be able to offer you discounts and FREE GIFT CARDS to restaurants from local businesses and services. Enjoy!

Real Estate & Jobs

The local Real Estate Market and local Jobs Report are key indicates to the health and Quality of Life of any community.

The greater Rochester area and Oakland County in general continue to do very well on both of these metrics.

2020 - April - GMAR - Oakland, Wayne, Macomb County

What’s Next?

Get to know Rochester, Michigan and All Around Rochester! There are great opportunities for anyone looking to grow personally and financially! Drop us a message, let us know what you think about the greater Rochester area! And remember… to smile!

Rochester - Michigan's #1 Destination to Live, Work & Play!